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Is it possible to enable this on our frontpage?
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Author:  Niels_The_Destroyer [ Sep 11th, '12, 11:18 ]
Post subject:  Is it possible to enable this on our frontpage?

Announcing the BattlelogPlus API!

By: Chathurga  Posted: 2012-09-10   0 comments
So I worked pretty solid for two days and created the BattlelogPlus API!
This will enable other services to display (not post (yet)) server comments/top servers on their websites so if you have a website (or know someone who does) that would benefit from comments follow that link and request a key! Hopefully this will spread awareness that BL+ enables commenting which in turn will bring the extra users needed to make the comment system even better. I might get to use this API to display a list of the top servers on Reddit (I became a mod on r/battlefield3) so that's exciting for me.
There are some other big changes coming for the comment system which I will detail soon. You're probably wondering how the comment score is generated, all will be revealed in time.

On a totally separate note the AK release is right around the corner and I can't get it so this is the only time I'll do this. I wouldn't expect anyone to drop more money on anything to do with BF3 but if you really enjoy BL+ please consider donating. It was always my intention to buy premium with donations but that goal has turned out to be unrealistic, so I'm re-targeting my sights on just AK! It would be very, very appreciated. Click the donate button on the BL+ homepage to donate.
All donors will receive custom flair on Reddit soon, big thanks to littleredrex and the rest of the mod team on r/battlefield3!

Thanks to all my users for the continued support/suggestion/bug reports. Without you all I wouldn't be writing this post today, literally because I've only made one server comment (out of 2000 now) and you can't build an API on that!

Possible for our site?

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