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Using Xfire with a multiprotocol messenger (Pidgin)
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Author:  freefallcid [ Dec 6th, '14, 12:30 ]
Post subject:  Using Xfire with a multiprotocol messenger (Pidgin)

Okay guys, I will try to explain the usage of Xfire with Pidgin Client in a few words and pics.
All you need for is Pidgin (see link above) and the Gfire plugin.

There are a few more clients and protocols that can be set with Pidgin:

Let's start with the setup
  1. Download and install Pidgin and make sure it's closed after installation.
  2. Download Gfire (also see above for the link) and install this also.
  3. Fire up Pidgin and add your Xfire credentials:
  4. On advanced tab you can select a few options, you should probably try them yourself and select what you like.
  5. On the third tab I chose global settings, change it when you want to use a different Proxy setup
  6. Setup finished. Well done!
Your Pidgin client should look like this now:

So if you have any questions on the client feel free to ask them here ;-)

Now we know how to setup Xfire when not running the Xfire application.
But why should we ever need this?

Well, it is a simple answer to that (at least to me). When you have the same setup like me - a desktop computer for the gaming stuff (and only gaming) and a laptop for the regular stuff and a bit work.
I know many people won't mind installing Xfire on their regular PC, but not me. I do not need Xfire on my laptop, as I primarly don't need Xfire ingame (because of no Games installed). But I use Jabber/Gtalk a bit and so a Multi-Client messaging application is best placed in here.

Whilst on Jabber you can login multiple times on the same account, Xfire will disconnect the older login when you try to login a second time on another computer.

PS: The attached file (.zip) includes the images I used in this post, just in case (when dropbox service is down or not accessible - or when I should ever make the mistake to delete the synced folder on my PC).

File comment: Screenshots in case they get lost on my dropbox account.
Gfire.zip [34.37 KiB]
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