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 Post subject: Ventrillo tutorial
Unread postPosted: Sep 17th, '11, 23:08 
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    How to set up ventrillo
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Dowload the version you need here: http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php
64 bit persons need to download 64bit version, etc..
If you do not know what system you are using: go to start-->help and support-->systeminformation. Here you can see what operating system you have.

  • 2
Dowloading and installing
Save the file on your computer: save it where you want
Once you have saved the file dubble click and install it.
Just follow the steps on your screen and all should go fine.

  • 3
Creating a user
First click on the arrow that is inside the red block. This will open up a new window named setup user. Here you click the field called new (orange block). This will open another new window. Here you type in the name that you want your account to have. When you are ready select ok. Now the window will close. Press oke in the other window to. Now you are back at where you are started but whit a user.

  • 4
Selecting a server to join
First click on the arrow inside the red box. This will open a new window called Connection Editor. Here you can add or remove servers. Now we are gone add the wiw server for example. First click on New (green box). Now a new window will pop up named Setup new server. Here you fill in the name of the server you are going to add: in this case wiw server. Once ready click ok. Now you get back into the Connection Editor. Now type in the field next to Hostname or Ip the name of the server: in this case vent.killercreation.co.uk. Then move on to the next field port number: in this case we fill in 29335. The boxes on the bottom are personal choices. Once you are ready whit this click ok.
Now you are back at the main menu.

  • 5
Connecting to a server.
Once you have created a user and added a server we can connect to the server. All that is needed is to press the connect button. If there are problems while connecting there are a couple of possibilities that cause this:
1) Your internet connection is down.
2) The server that you try to connect to is down.
3) There is a mistake in either the port number or hostname.

  • How to find out what button you have asigned to speak/how to disable the use of buttons to speak
First we gone find out what button there is currently in use for you to speak. To find this out: press the setup box. This will open a new window named setup. On this window you will see a lot of different things. For this part we take a look at the word that says hotkey. Nex to this you will see the key that is assigned to use: by pressing this key you can speak.
If you do not want to use any keys that is also possible.
First unbox the Use Push to Talk Hotkey (PTT mode) box. Now the Silence time and Sensivity boxex will become clickable. Silence time means how long it needs to be silent near the microphone before it stops transmitting. The sensivity will affect how you need to speak for the microphone to register it.
Also by putting on a high sensivity there is more chance that if you for example put off your microphone ventrillo will register it as speaking. Therefore the sensivity and silence time are things that are different for any person. It will take some tryes to find out what fits best for you.

Now that we have managed the basics it is time to go to the advanced part.
*note advanced ventrillo is only possible while being connected to a server

    Advanced Ventrillo
  • 1
Adding something to the right of your name.
If you want to add something on the right side of your name: click on the box nammed comment. This will open up a new window. Here you can type either the message you want to be displayed (top field), or the url that you wish to be displayed (bottom field). Once your text is ready click on ok. Now there is text next to your name.
The box that says send silently is meant for either letting users now you have added something to your know or to make sure no one is disturbed.

  • 2
How to connect your music program to your ventrillo name.
First right click anywhere inside the white part of the main menu. For example somewhere inside the red box. Now a new window will open. This window will have the word intergration. Move your mouse up there. Now the next part will open: this allowes you to choose the music player you use. Click on the music player you use. Now your music player is intergrated whit ventrillo: this means that the song you are listening to will be displayed on the right side of your name.

  • 3
How to get something to the left of your name
For this part you need the help of a ventrillo admin/moderator. You can recognisze them on the admin/mod tags they have on the left side of their names.
Step once requiers you to go online on the same time a admin/mod is online. Then you ask the admin/mod if he/she can set up the account for you. The admin/mod will add a password to the account you currently use: this password needs to be filled in before connecting to the server (only the first time or when it changes). There is no new account created. The password you want on your account will be choosen by you. The only other person that knows the password will be the mod/admin that set the account for you. Once the password is added the mod/admin will ask you to log of. This so you can add the password. To add the password: click on the arrow next to server (red box). The window where you also added the servername/port will open. Here you fill in the password in the password field (red circle). Once you are ready you press ok and after that connect.

I hope that this helps people that are having problems whit ventrillo.


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