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 Post subject: Install and use of BF2CC
Unread postPosted: Sep 14th, '11, 12:06 
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BF2CC is a desktop program that will allow u to use your admincapailities without beeing in-game. Further it shows u who is in what vehicle and who is commander. All very usefull tools.

First of all one need to download BF2CC, do it here: http://www.bf2cc.com/Downloads/BF2CC_Cl ... 4.2446.zip (if it doesnt work use: http://www.bf2cc.com/downloads.html a download the latest client)

Second, u need to make sure u got some .NET updates. If not, it wont work correct. U should download the following file: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/d ... laylang=en
If needed, change it to suit your operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32/64bit) and the language u use.

Install the update first, and then extract the BF2CC download folder. This program doesnt need installation, but for purposes of an organized system i suggest u move the folder to i.e.: C:\BF2CC\

Then rightclick the BF2CC program icon in the folder and select: "Copy to > Desktop (Create Shortcut)'

Now u have a shortcut on your desktop to the program that should help u start the program swiftly.

In the screen that opens u need to put down some details concerning the server you want to connect to. For =WiW= admins they are listed here: WiW admins only

The username will most likely be your ingame name (without prefix). The password u should have received from one of the mods. Anyone of the mods will be able to create a new password if needed.

The program runing will look like this:


Four buttons on the topbar are important for your.
1. [Players] List's all players in game at that moment
2. [Banlist] The list with all the bans. Carefull here! U may only edit your own bans. There are backups of the banlist, but recent bans might be lost if u make an error here..
3. [Chat] This butons opens the tab showing the ingame chat. You will see everythin: Public, team PLA, USMC and inside the squds.
4. [Log] Press this and a giant piece of would will penetrate your screen right in ur face! Noh, its the other log: it lists every recent action that has been done by admins etcetere. (i.e. kicks, updating bans et cetera)

Some more buttons in the homescreen of BF2CC"


1. disconnect
2. restart server [Do NOT press if players are in the game and if it is not needed, always consult a mod beforehand]
3. pause server [do NOT press without good cause, it freezes the game for all players, and might make them disconnect. Always explain why u pause the server, the chat works!]
4. restart map [do NOT press without good cause, it restarts map and resets scores. Public will hate u for it..]
5. turn autobalance on / off
6. turn autorefresh on/off [this concerns the player list and chat.]
7. refresh playerlist
8. Chactbox [ what u type here will end up in the ingame chat.]

So this is the basics u need to know to use BF2CC.

To Warn, Kick or Ban a player right click his name and select the action u wish and the reason. (in the box custom: u can type a reason that is not listend in the menu)
Like this:

There is more extended possibilities. Such as:
A. Download chatlogs from passed days (click "File" > 'Retrieve logs from the deamon", a screen opens where u can select the date and type (choose chat)
B. Download serverlogs from the passed days (click "File" > 'Retrieve logs from the deamon", a screen opens where u can select the date and type (choose chat)
C. Create customs kick/bans message for when u use BF2CC to admin the server. (normal shortcuts not available.)
D. more functions i might have forgotten to list. Please Comment/update if needed.

Anything unclear, just mention it in this topic.

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