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ATI 7950 Crossfire needed for BF4?
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Author:  IAmTheOnlyDTA [ Oct 1st, '13, 13:33 ]
Post subject:  ATI 7950 Crossfire needed for BF4?

Put it simply - NO

Just got a new 7950 to add to my current one in response to the new BF4 coming and thinking I may need the extra grunt. Well today I've found it was a total waste of time as BF4 is quite kind on the GPU.

One of these is well and truly enough to play the game on Ultra settings (looks beautiful by the way) with no issues what so ever and gives similar FPS to BF3 so fair play to dice. I would expect, like the BF3 beta, for them to hold a little back for the release but I doubt it will be much.

So if you ain't got millions and wondering what to get I can recommend ONE 7950 (with a little hunting as little as £159). If you've got the spare cash then get a second as for the first time I've been able to play Crisis 3 with Ultra settings with great frame rates. Crisis 3 amazes me as for all of the GPU whoring you get very little for it  :arg: . Sorry for the little rant.

Anyway 7950 is a good card to go for.

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