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News Update 19 October
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Author:  Niels_The_Destroyer [ Oct 19th, '13, 21:09 ]
Post subject:  News Update 19 October

Hey everyone!

- New forum:
Most of you guys reading this already noticed but wiw got itself a new forum :D First of we would like to thank sy and levi for all the hard work they put into this, thanks a lot guys, everyone in wiw really appreciates it. As a matter of fact every post, PM and user got moved from the old forum to this one so there is no need to register again or re-post things. To log-in simply use your old username and password and everything should work out.
At this moment everyone is working their hardest into improving this forum even more. Therefore you can expect daily updated sections which might result im some things being in places they werent before but dont worry: once everything is over we will put out a complete log of what happened and where you can find everything again.

- Member list update:
At the same time of the new forum our memberlist had a quick and small update. This update basically included the moving and removing several members. The following members had their status changed: Limpy, total-killa, rangera, Stringtruse, marchbold, WiW-Pwner, jk2pach, themuttznuttz, OiMug, WiW-Candyman1332, Stallion, Chasilas, pcandersen, PrimeTarget, speedink13, bas9000, leinadg, RY1NER and Recon-Jackal.
The reasons for the changes are various but overall we feel we have made a fair judgement. A special note goes to those people who had their membership removed: this removal is due to the fact that no activity has been shown. We however would like to welcome you guys back if you are active again. Once you feel you are active again simply drop by, and we will work things out.

Thats it for today's update: more updates will follow soon :)
In the mean time please enjoy your time on the new forums

Author:  Symonator [ Oct 19th, '13, 21:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: News Update 19 October

total-killa, rangera, marchbold, themuttznuttz << we moved these to =WiW= Honorary Members as they were originals, but removed from the active list.

All the others were moved to respective groups...as niels said.

Some members not mentioned were removed from the clan and as of today there are 40 members, with 10 of these we are unsure of.

Author:  bigg [ Oct 19th, '13, 21:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: News Update 19 October

nice 1 niels

good to se things moving again

cheers sy

Author:  TheLeadPoison [ Oct 19th, '13, 23:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: News Update 19 October

Way to go guys!!!!!!

Author:  freefallcid [ Dec 6th, '14, 14:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: News Update 19 October

nice one :up:

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