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Author:  0570_LR [ Sep 27th, '12, 10:39 ]
Post subject:  =WiW= SERVER ADMINS

The order and atmosphere on =WiW= servers is created by the public players and members of =WiW=, to make sure this doesn't get disturbed by people with bad intentions our =WiW= Server Admins will maintain order on the servers with power to kill, kick or even ban players that do not follow up on our rules and general decency.

=WiW= Server Admins can be found in this group: =WiW= Server Admin Group

With a growing selection of members and server admins we have appointed some hierarchy with the Main Server Admin group: =WiW= Main Server Admin Group

This group is lead by the Head-Admin, Freefallcid.

NL_Bumblebee, as the Main Server Admin for our 24/7 KARKAND SERVER.
BigG_Scotland, as the Main Server Admin for our  24/7 WAKE SERVER,

What does it mean?

The Main Server Admins:
- Will periodically check banlist for minor bans / bans without a reason. - And remove them if needed or discuss them with the banning admin.
- Monitor admin behavior on the server, educate our admins,
- Discuss irregularities / deviant behavior with Freefallcid, the Head-Admin
- take action in these occasions in consultation with Freefallcid.
- Are the go-to-guy for public players & members when they have problems with any of our server admins

If any member has any problem with any admins behavior, one will  go to the Main Server Admin or the Head Admin first, this before posting it on the forums.

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