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Why no sniper limit on BF3 like on BFBC2
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Author:  0570_LR [ Jul 3rd, '12, 19:49 ]
Post subject:  Why no sniper limit on BF3 like on BFBC2

We get a lot of questions in game why we do not limit snipers on our Karkand Inf/only server.

The answer to that is quite simple:

IF we would want that, it wouldn't even be possible:

On BFBC2 the server would send a trigger to the admin-tools saying " playerX spawned with a sniper kit", making it possible for an admin-tool to count the number of snipers alive and kill the one that is to many. In BF3 this, obviously nescessary, message is not send to the admin-tool.

I am aware that some servers have a crippled form of a sniper limit using ProconRulz-plugin. This one has a big downside though: It will only list snipers when they kill with a rifle. So with a limit of 2 snipers set in the admin-tool, there could still be 10 sniper running around.. The first 2 allowed to kill with their sniper rifles, the other 6 beeing killed when they would use the rifle.

To me this seems grosly unfair. The player has no way of knowing if he is allowed to use his kit and snipers arent that annoying to be dealt with in such a way. First of all: the sniperkit is part of the game. Second: Karkand provides excellent way's to get past sniper's line of fire. Third: Sniperrifles have a huge alarming flare mounted on top of them, with a bit of attention you will find sniper's location and deal with him.

Also, at the moment the use of this way to limit sniper has been proven buggy to say the least.

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