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 Post subject: Battlerecorder Tutorial
Unread postPosted: Sep 17th, '11, 23:06 
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Hey, i don't know if everyone know how to use the battlerecorder. its a very good tool, specially for admins finding proof of hackers, rule breakers etc.

Part one - Downloading the recorder file
There is two ways to download the file you need.
First way:
A: You can get it through the game by going to the "COMMUNITY" 1 tab in game.
B: Find the latest recording file scroll all the way down 2 and choose the file.
PS: the recorder files are stored for a limited time! so don't except that you can download a demo file from 2-3 days back.
C: Press "DOWNLOAD" 3
D: You have to wait a little bit for the file to download.
E: Choose the file you just downloaded its named "demo<number>.bf2demo" 4
F: Press "PLAY FILE" 5
G: Wait until the file have been loaded and press "JOIN GAME" 6

Second way:
A: You have to go to the page where the server's battle-recorder files are saved
=WiW='s files can be found here:http://bf.killercreation.co.uk/demos/bf2/
B: Download and save the file.
C: The recorder files need to be placed in this folder:
Vista & 7: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\demos
XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default\demos
The meaning of the demo file name is: auto_<year>_<month>_<day>_<hour>_<minute>_<second>.bf2demo
D: Follow steps E, F and G from the first way.

Part two - Playing the file
The playback menu:
Here you can change the games speed, restart or quit the demo file.
The speed can be set at 5%, 25%, 50%, 150% and 300% of the normal speed.
PS: you will only get sound at normal speed

The camera and player menu:
Here you can choose Player camera or Free cam.
You can also change player to follow.

Player camera: Follow a specific player, you can move around with the mouse and zoom in and out by scrolling.
Free camera: You can move free around the map, by using the WASD keys to move the camera around, use the mouse to change the view direction
hold shift key when using WASD to move around slower.
Press ctrl to move the camera down towards the ground.

Keyboard shortcuts:
1 – Pause the playback
2 – Playback at normal speed
3 – Playback at 5% of normal speed
4 – Playback at 25% of normal speed
5 – Playback at 50% of normal speed
6 – Playback at normal speed
7 – Playback at 150% of normal speed
8 – Playback at 300% of normal speed
Spacebar – Change players.
W – Move free camera forward
A – Move free camera left
S – Move free camera backwards
D – Move free camera right
Ctrl – Move free camera down
Shift - Slow down movement of free cam
Right Mouse Button – Change free camera and player camera.
Mouse look – Aim free camera and rotate player camera
Mouse wheel – Zoom in and out on player camera

All credit of this tutorial belongs to tormod92

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