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 Post subject: How To Join =WiW= [READ THIS FIRST!]
Unread postPosted: Jul 13th, '09, 16:22 
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Hi, welcome to the Wake Island Warriors.

If you are interested in joining, then create a new thread, cut & paste the form at the bottom of this post and fill it in.

Please register on the forums with your in game BF4 name, so that we can identify you on the forums. Also we have an 18yr+ only rule, but exceptions can and are sometimes made. On top of that every single person that applies need to have a minimum server time of 25 hours. This is to show that you are a dedicated player. Please note that we do no longer accept battlefield 3 recruits.

Your trial period, and success of your application will be decided by our recruitment team, NL_Bumblebee , Morphoes and Niels_The_Destroyer. Trial periods are usually between 1 week - 3 weeks long, maybe longer in some cases. The length of this period will be decided by the recruitment team. Once decided they will then give you your WiWR tags, do not wear these tags until told to do so.
Also when you are active enough on the servers and the forum your trial can be reduced with 1 week. So if for example your trial is 3 weeks it can end after 2 weeks if you have show enough commitment.

When you have been given a trial it is suggested that you also write a small introduction about yourself in this forum section. Here you can include things about your real life, for example your job. Note: this section is publicly visible so carefully consider what you want to share!

During your trial period (and as a member, if you make it) you are expected to use and post on the forums, and use the server as often as you can manage (Remember to play by the rules). This time is useful for us to get get to know you.
When needed we will ask you to support both our servers with duties such as starting it. These are basic things that we expect from clan members.
Note that the forum part is a very important part of the trial period. Failing to remain active results in the possibility that you will not be granted membership. What we mean by activity is not making 10 posts each day. What we ask is that you make a few posts, reply to clan-related topics and in general show us that you use them.

We do have teamspeak but it is absoluetly not a requirement to use it and does not affect your application.

As a final note we would like to point out that donations from recruits are always welcome. However this does not affect your trial in any way, donating money will not result in membership or a reduced trial!

At ease SOLDIER. And good luck with the application

-----cut & paste-----
Real Life Name:
Where are you from (country + city):
Ingame BF3 Name(please include any previous BF3 names):
Ingame BF4 Name(please include any previous BF4 names):
Favourite Kit:
How long have you been playing BF3 and/or BF4:
Why do you want to join the WIW:
In what way do you think you can help wiw? (for example: just playing the servers, starting the servers, etc...)
If you were recommended by a member, then who?:
Are you willing to donate in the future (answering this will not affect the possibility of a trial):
Have you ever been a member of a clan before, if so then who?:
Have you ever cheated or hacked before (please be honest because we will check):
Please attach a photo to your application, so we can see who you are!
-----cut & paste-----

Filling in this application form means that you accept the rules of the clan as
laid out by the Moderators, In the event of a dispute, the Moderators decision
is final, which means it will not be up for a discussion.

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